In the past, traveling was usually synonymous with vacationing. Visiting a destination, seeing the sites and eating iconic local foods. Most people end up stressed as they try to squeeze in as much as possible. Often, they return home from their vacation feeling exhausted, as if their trip was more work than it was relaxation. If that doesn’t sound refreshing, revitalizing or re-energizing, then you are the perfect candidate for a luxurious wellness retreat in Spain.

What is a Wellbeing Retreat?

Today’s traveler plans getaways based on living a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. A wellness retreat is so much more than a hotel. It gives you the opportunity to completely decompress from life, the demands of technology and all the pressure we put on ourselves everyday. A retreat, by design, is intended to promote health and wellness through activities such as yoga, meditation, hiking and luxurious spa treatments.

What Type of Activities Are Offered?

Each wellness package is created with your physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing in mind. This is an immersive getaway with a focus on self-rejuvenation and self-improvement. Most retreats offer programs based on fitness and mentally relaxing activities. You’ll often find hiking, biking, yoga and meditation. Some locations may offer healthy dining options including local fare and farm to table culinary experiences. Other offerings incorporate a holistic approach with nutritional resets and detoxification. 

Benefits of a Wellness Retreat and Spa Experience

 Travel alone or with a partner and embark on a journey that focuses on your personal goals. You’ll be able to socialize with like-minded people while revitalizing your body, mind and soul. Enjoy the following benefits in a quiet refuge from the fast-paced, connected lifestyles that are prevalent today

  • Clean eating and gourmet chefs
  • Holistic approach
  • Private fitness workouts
  • Decompress and release stress
  • Positive support
  • Personal renewal and self reflection
  • Natural surroundings
  • Calm, peaceful atmosphere
  • Creative discoveries and learning
  • Reconnect with inner essence
  • Therapeutic spa and massage treatments
  • All-inclusive programs
  • Luxurious, private accommodations

Why You Should Choose an All-Inclusive Wellness

Guests choose all-inclusive retreats because there is minimal or no planning involved. It allows travelers to focus on their goals of health and wellness rather than fussing with maps and booking their own classes or excursions. There is also the added benefit of no surprise fees or additional expenses as your meals, drinks and programs are included. Just book the program of your choosing and arrive ready to optimize your time and reclaim your inner peace.

Find Your Personal Balance and Inner Harmony in Spain

One you’ve decided to embark on your own wellness journey, look no further than Spain’s Vivir by V. You’ll rest and relax in one of our well-appointed guest rooms in a stunning 17th century manor located in the tranquil village of Vejer de la Frontera. Choose one of our comprehensive wellness programs and let the outside world drift away as you decompress and rejuvenate yourself. Our professional wellness guides are waiting to nurture and pamper you during your stay.