Discover relaxing massages inspired by the ancient techniques of Ayurveda that will help you disconnect from the busy world and welcome inner tranquillity. Vivir offers daily massages so you can soak up the peaceful energy of this special place and feel rested, rejuvenated and centered.

For an exceptional experience, you can enjoy massages in the ambience of the V… spa retreat, located in the ancient cistern (well), which is accessed by a glass spiral staircase. Massages are also available in the privacy of individual retreats.


The benefits of therapeutic massage are to free the body from existing tensions and physical restrictions using a variety of holistic methods and techniques. The services will be adapted to each individual person according to age, physical condition and clinical history.


Enjoy Daily Soothing Massages Tailored To Individual Needs


Manual therapy designed to reduce stress, fatigue and improve circulation, thus achieving a mental state of complete relaxation. This is especially beneficial after a full day of physical exertion.

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes

Deep Tissue

Manual therapy that focuses on deeper structures of the muscular tissue with the intention of releasing muscular tensions or knots. It focuses on specific areas of the body that need to be treated.

Estimated Time:  45 Minutes


An ancient technique originating from India, this massage is a complete body massage from head to feet using warm soothing oils. Tension and aches melt away as the body’s natural organic balance is restored.

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes