You will be guided through the morning and afternoon yoga/meditation sessions by our expert yoga instructor whose knowledge, experience and techniques will help you to focus on your energy centers, helping you to feel more balanced physically, energetically and emotionally.


Slow Flow Yoga or Vinyasa is a dynamic form of yoga with a slow rhythm, combining movement with controlled breathing. By synchronizing body movement with conscious breathing, stress levels are drastically reduced. Other benefits include releasing emotional blockages to increase mental clarity and open personal awareness. Slow Flow Yoga is recommended for all levels, regardless of age and physical condition.


Our yoga sessions are meticulously planned to ensure complete relaxation and inner well-being.

Morning Session
20 minutes each day
Meditation for 5 Minutes:
Includes a guided meditation before the physical practice in order to feel more balanced and focused for the rest of the day. This relaxation exercise is a vital for connecting with inner peace in order to properly relax, therefore balancing body and mind in a more complete way.

Yoga Stretching for 15 Minutes:
A sequence of Yoga exercises and poses designed to prepare and awaken the body.

Afternoon Session

45 minutes each day
Arrival Relaxation for 5 Minutes:
Same as the morning guided meditation

Yoga Poses for 30 Minutes:
A series of asanas (Yoga poses)

Final Relaxation / Guided Meditation for 10 Minutes:
This is the time when you will integrate all the benefits of daily activities and embrace and connect with your full potential. We will guide you to listen to your inner self, releasing emotional blockages and opening you to a greater awareness of yourself and the world around you.

“Yoga doesn’t take time – it gives time” – Ganga White